New Life News: Tim & Pamela Smyth

Pamela was born into a military family and spent many years traveling and moving all over the world to follow her dad’s job before her parents divorced when she was 12. She accepted Jesus in middle school when a friend invited her to Falls Creek, a church camp near Turner Falls. At the young age of 17, Pamela moved away from her mom and brother to start a life of her own in New York but only lived there for about a year. Tim, on the other hand, grew up in the church and was raised in Philadelphia with his 4 older siblings. His dad led Youth for Christ and his mother was active in their church choir. When he was 12, his parents sold their catering business and moved to Orlando, Florida. As young adults, both Pamela and Tim found themselves working for a restaurant called the Pitman House in Dallas, Texas. They dated on and off for a few years before finally marrying and moving back to Orlando to care for Tim’s mother after his dad passed away. Over the years, they have moved all over Oklahoma and worked a variety of different jobs to make ends meet. Yet, what has continued to keep them going is their love for the Lord and for each other. When asked about his faith, Tim responds by saying, “I don’t worry about how things will work out because God opens up the door always. He always provides.” The Smyths experienced God’s faithfulness in a very practical way when Tim finished Radiology Technician School and a job miraculously opened up in Norman. Though this particular job was short lived, their move led him to his position of 12 years in Bethany as a Tech for the Children’s Center. Their bold transition to Norman 15 years ago served to grow their faith and plug them into the community at New Life. Even during Tim’s diagnosis with Stage 4 throat cancer last year, this couple continued to have a belief that was unshaken because of the foundation of Jesus Christ they had chosen to set their lives on. Pam’s positive outlook helped encourage her husband, even when he was at his weakest. “It took the illness to realize how blessed we really are,” she once said when looking back at this trying time in their lives. They had been invested at New Life ever since moving to Norman for Tim’s job, and the people they met through this church stepped up to help with physical, spiritual, and emotional needs during Tim’s treatments. Whether it was a phone call, homemade meal, prayers, or financial assistance, they felt so loved and cared for by the body of Christ choosing to love as Jesus would.

Now, Tim is in remission (praise God!) and you can find both Pamela and Tim faithfully serving as greeters here each Sunday morning. They have one son that lives in Norman and two beautiful granddaughters.

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