New Life News: ReRe Lunsford

ReRe was raised in Norman, OK and has been faithful to this town for many years. From a young age, her parents played important roles in her spiritual development. Even after they divorced when she was 3 years old, she describes them as being great co-parents and people that both feared and loved the Lord so much. She remembers Sunday mornings being filled with gospel music and teaching about the importance of believing in a sovereign God. Her mom helped her understand that we were never promised an easy life but one in which God will always provide and take care of us. She didn’t have the best experience with church growing up, but when she began to attend New Life during her teenage years, she realized why people actually love going to church and how beautiful God’s bride can be. In her early 20’s, she gave her life to the Lord and was baptized. During this time, ReRe met her husband, James, at New Life and they were married after she graduated from OU with a degree in Journalism. In 2006, ReRe’s world was completely turned upside down when her mother passed away. The person who had been one of her closest friends and role models was taken from her, and she remembers telling her husband that she’ll miss being happy because she didn’t think she’d ever truly be happy again. Grief came in waves, often times leaving her with deep feelings of despair as she longed for her mother’s presence. Looking back on the few years after her mom passed away, she gives all the glory to God for providing her the strength to continue to move forward. She and her husband began to build their family with the addition of their two sons, and God consistently showed up to provide joy in the midst of seemingly hopeless and desperate circumstances. Life continued day by day, and even 14 years later, she still misses her mom and wishes things had turned out differently. Yet, God used this huge trial in her life to strengthen her faith and draw her closer to Himself. This valley has allowed her to be someone that possesses deep empathy for those around her and has served to increase her dependence in a good God. She’ll never forget the lessons her mother left her with about how there is something so much greater that is promised to us when we give our lives over to God and allow Him to be King. Now as a mother, she seeks to teach the same things about God and his faithfulness even when life isn’t perfect to her two boys. After a few years of stepping out of the church, she and her husband’s transition back to New Life has been one of the biggest blessings for their family, and now they faithfully serve out of a love for God and His people.

ReRe is currently an adjunct professor at OU, and you can find her during the weeknights loving on her two boys and their 16 snakes. 

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