New Life News: Shayne Lester

Shayne was raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma where he attended the Liberty Christian Academy from 5th-12th grade. Although he professed to his pastor at the age of 7 that he wanted to accept Jesus into his heart, he would say that he truly gave his life to the Lord at the age of 12 after discussing the true meaning of the gospel message with his aunt and uncle. Through his parents divorce when he was 10, he remained faithfully involved in the church during middle school and high school, and upon graduation, his pastor encouraged him to attend Oklahoma Baptist University to study Pastoral Ministry. In his early 20’s, Shayne met and later married Roxy, his wife of 32 years. This began the process of merging lives with both Roxy and her son while learning how to lead a family and love his wife. During their early years of marriage, Shayne was also navigating his new position at Liberty church as their book keeper. While he was on staff at Liberty, his family struggled with the burdens of life in full-time vocational ministry, and after 10 years of faithfully serving, Shayne felt called to step down from his position and become a Certified Financial Planner. It was in this season that Shayne and his family took a step back from church. Shayne recalls that, “While I was out of the church, I didn’t feel like my faith wavered, yet I didn’t feel completely fulfilled either. I knew something was missing.” He was reminded that without being surrounded by God’s people and chasing Jesus together, it’s difficult to feel complete. After 15 years of serving in a financial advising position, he was abruptly let go from his role and forced to look elsewhere for employment. This unexpected release was actually what brought him back to the church and led him to New Life. He immediately fell in love with the church and began attending regularly with his family. While he was in the process of starting his own financial advising business, he came alongside the current staff at New Life to help them with their finances and lead the renovation of the current building. Shayne soon realized how important the church is and decided to fully commit to this body of believers and make New Life his home. When asked who some of the most spiritually influential people in his life have been, he quickly talks about the pastor at Liberty who helped him become a man of God and learn how to serve God’s people. He also talks very highly of his wife Roxy and how she’s been an anchor over the years as she consistently points him back to the Lord through both the good and the bad.

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