New Life News: Jodi Shumway

Jodi was born in New Mexico, yet spent most of her childhood growing up in Enid, Oklahoma. Her father was in the Air Force, and she, along with her younger sister, was raised in a very legalistic church where she learned more about the “don’ts” of the Christian life rather than the freedom the gospel gives to all who believe in it. Jodi “walked the aisle” in the fourth grade to accept Christ, yet she realizes looking back that she did this more out of obligation rather than actual acknowledgment of her sin and Jesus as her one and only Savior. She married her husband Kerry at 20 years old, and due to his career in the Air Force, they have moved 19 times in their 37 years of marriage. One of these moves led them to Stillwater, OK, and at the age of 25 while attending church there, she realized she hadn’t ever really asked Jesus to come into her heart and transform her from the inside out. It was then that she made the decision to go all in with her faith and begin pursuing the Lord. This was when it finally clicked for her that Jesus was more than the man in the sky keeping record of her wrongs but was a loving, gracious Savior that came to die and be raised again for a relationship with her. Through their time moving around, Jodi realized how important being a part of community really is. Their family was forced to jump into church quickly and develop friendships with other believers in each new city they found themselves in. Jodi had to reinvent herself each time they moved, and when they finally landed in Norman 5 years ago, it began the journey of her getting involved with the Eden Clinic and ultimately accepting a position as Development Manager. She fully believes all that God has allowed her to walk through up until now has prepared her for the opportunities that He has gifted her with and the people she’s been able to meet and work with. Through the Eden Clinic, Jodi has been able to be intimately invested in the community and with people she may not have normally met. In this season of life, God has been teaching Jodi a lot about Himself through some incredibly difficult circumstances. He has helped her have extraordinary patience when the Eden Clinic needed a new building and it seemed like all hope was lost for finding one. He’s shown her how to be kind to everyone, even when it isn’t easy. After talking with Jodi, it is evident she is a woman that lives a life for the things Jesus loves and has been dramatically freed from slavery to sin. She plans on spending the rest of her days making God’s name known and caring for His people!

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